Loss prevention with a focus on internal/external threat and countermeasures

Furthermore, there are several procedures focusing on the prevention of store loss prevention strategies. The setting up of a CCTV cameras spot shoplifters and employee thieves (Kruegle, 2013). The CCTV camera film evidence will ensure the successful prosecution of the store thieves. Second, the hiring of undercover store security guards will help catch more shoplifters and employee thieves. The undercover guards will pretend to be customers. As they roam around the store premises, the undercover guards try to spot any shoplifting or employee theft incident. Once the undercover guard sees a shoplifter in action, the undercover guard will signal to the store exit guard to apprehend the shoplifter. The guard will grab the stolen store property as evidence in court during the prosecution of the three stores’ shoplifters or employee thieves. Third, a tag monitoring system will detect shoplifted items. When the shoplifter brings out stolen store property, the monitoring system will sound an alarm. The stores’ exit guards will then body frisk the possible shoplifter or employee thief. After confirming the store items were stolen, the exit guard will turn over the arrest suspect to the internal investigation department for the possible filing of theft charges.
Employees must be screened. The screening will help reduce store losses (Pakroo, 2014). The screening should include determining whether the job applicants are able to reduce store losses. Employees who are not good in numbers, math, or mental analysis may cause the loss of company property. Store property loss may occur when the employee erroneously gives the customers unpaid items. For example, the customer paid for two hubcaps. However, the busy employee erroneous gave the customer three hubcaps. There is a one hubcap store loss. Screening includes determining if the customer knows the vehicle parts. Wrong vehicle part knowledge may result to store losses. For example, the customer paid for lower priced