Loss of my Grandfather

Loss of my Grandfather Loss of my Grandfather Myself with the loss The death of my grandfather on the 1st of August, was painful, and had negative impact on my life. As a small boy, my grandfather had taught me how to live like a man. teaching me how face hard life, play golf, handle challenging situations and how education would be important to me when I grow up. I lived with my grandparents since my parents saw it was wise, and I grow up considering my grandfather as my father.
My grandfather was a good life advisor, and his death meant that I had lost my personal advisor. As well, his death meant that I had lost someone whom I could tell my inner most secret and other personal issues that I would face in life.
Family systems
The death of my grandfather meant a disorganization in our family system. Since childhood, grandfather used to tell us that our extended family was an emotional unit that could be bonded by love and unity. In addition, grandfather had been advising the entire family against isolation and self-centeredness whereby people could do things for personal or individual gain.
Soon after the death of grandfather, family meetings were no longer held as the unifying factor existed no more. For example, my uncle relocated, aunt transferred to her work place to the city and my family decided on staying on our grandfather’s farm where we live with our grandmother.
Grandfather was an elder in our local church, and for that matter, we used to go to his church. He built our spirituality in terms of getting involved in organized religion, engaging in various church ministries, going to church every Sunday and even doing evangelism on weekends.
Once he died, there was laziness on Sunday as we go to church whenever we feel like, we no longer participate in church ministries like we used to and we completely forgot about bible studies or even praying together as a family. The spirituality of our family was adversely affected to the extent that we no longer give tithes like we used to do as a family.
Family rituals like having family ceremonies, family meetings, celebrating Christmas and New Year together and visiting members of the extended family was immediately brought to an end. To be sincere, it is almost nine months and I have not set my eyes my uncle and aunt, whom we initially visited every end month. Also, we ceremonies we used to hold together are no longer valued as important function that unite the extended family.
Applying in patient center care
Despite the loss of my grandfather, I still respect what he told me in regard to showing concern for the sick and aged. For that matter, in his absence, I can provide the responsive and respectful care to the sick and the aged prioritizing their needs, values and needs in order to make sure that values of the sick guide each and every clinical decision.
Since patient center care demands proper care of the sick, wise teachings from my grandfather can make me respect and observe the demand to ensure that every patient or sick person that comes my way is handled in the best ethical way possible, with proper medical attention being observed to the patient.
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