Letter of Intent

Your full full October 04, Letter of Intent Please write here I am a software engineer pursuing my master’s degree in the field of computer science. I want to apply for the university’s full summer work program because I want to get some international work experience that will help me gain success in my professional life. The program will also help me refine my professional skills and knowledge. Since I come from another country, I want to make full use of this great opportunity to learn and explore work in foreign environment.
I have been an accomplished student throughout my academic life. The GPA in my undergraduate degree is 3.95. One of the most meaningful experiences to me was internship in Cairo Microsoft Innovation Center (CMIC). I have also participated in Imagine Cup 09 in Cairo hosted by Microsoft. This experience can serve as a proof of my professional skills and abilities. In my home country, I have worked on autonomous systems development projects, specifically, on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for 15 months. Moreover, I have enough experience in collecting requirements, designing, implementing, and testing different software applications. I also have a good knowledge of some key programming languages, such as, c++, java, and JSP.
As a highly motivated person that enjoys working hard and achieving intended results I really want to be the part of this program since it will open a new opportunities towards international work experience. I am grateful in advance for thorough consideration and hope for the call for interview.
Please write your name here 04th of October 2012
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