Jihadism Constituted a Radical Break from Earlier Traditions of Islamism

The demise of twin-towers and a portion of the Pentagon buildings, the two symbols of the US power, did change the strategic discourse of the world politics (Sajid 2002). International terrorism, in all its forms and manifestations, was promptly declared as the enemy of the world peace. To eradicate this menace became the top priority of the US and its allies in the post 9/11 era (Sajid 2002). Jihad, a part of Islamic teaching was regarded and treated as a form of terrorism used against innocent people of the world. However, Jihad in no ways can be categorized as a terrorist activity as Islam is a religion of peace and allows Jihad in very severe conditions. Jihad is only a struggle that is against the evil powers and for Allah, the Almighty (Kelsey and Turner 1991). Jihad is to struggle towards the right and that is the preaching of every religion of the world. The concept of Jihad has been misused or misinterpreted by non-Muslims due to which, there is a misunderstanding about the original concept of Jihad in Islam. The earlier concept of Jihad associated with Islam is given a new concept now that is linked with terrorism and violence, however, this concept is quite erroneous. People all over the world have misunderstandings with the concept of Jihad that is a crucial element in Islam. These misunderstandings make Islam a religion that it should not be followed. Crusades are important battles in the history of Islam and it was the defeat in the Crusades due to which, European Christians started to spread opinions about Jihad as a negative concept in Islam. According to Maududi (n.d.), efforts have been made towards spreading negative perceptions related to Jihad because Jihad participated a lot in disabling the Europeans to won the battles against Muslims. Muslims were labeled as barbarians killing people without any positive aim under the title of Jihad due to which, Islam was given a hideous picture in front of the world.