Interview about Developing Entrepreneurship

This interviewer will pose the questions asked and their responses in a narrative style. The interviewer will also give outsourcing information to give this interview a roundabout perspective.

Who is the manager? What is her position and what is the name of the company? She is the Sales and Project Manager at Tecnología Intercontinental, S.A. de C.V. (TICSA).

S/He (you) and the interviewee used microphones and speakers to talk and listen. The interviewee was contacted through a mutual friend and Engineer Spindola agreed to acquiesce to this entrepreneurship interview report. The mutual friend was present to introduce them and translate information using a two-way mode of communication, English/Spanish-Spanish/English, whenever it was needed. The mutual friend was also able to listen to Engineer Spindola´s conversation since the speakers were on and the engineer has a loud voice (as she identified herself).

What is the history of TICSA? TICSA started fifteen years ago. How did they start the business? It started by selling water pumps. Did they have a business plan? Since Engineer Spindola has only been at TICSA for a little over two years she does not know if the company started with a business plan. The original owner is still head of the company and he is from the United States of America.

When was TICSA founded? TICSA was founded in the late ’80s in Mexico City. What is the focus of TICSA? TICSA specializes in the design, construction, and start-up of wastewater treatment plants and process water treatment plants. How many people work for TICSA? TICSA is staffed with approximately 80 people, primarily engineers from six different nationalities. At the time Engineer Spindola remembered only four. What is their specialty? They are, generally speaking, based in four groups: Engineering, Construction, Sales and Technology, and Administration. What is the organizational structure?&nbsp.&nbsp.