International Marketing Plan ( The Argos entering the China market)

One of such notable is the introduction of one child policy by the government in 1979. Another, significant change noted in 1997, when Hong Kong returned to the control of China. This has lead to a significant impact in the economy as well as in the culture of the region. However, through all the changes from the history of the nation, presently the nation has commanded as the second largest economy in the world.With regard to geographical scenario, the location of China is highly favourable to most of the foreign as it is located near to most of the nations. The nation is located in the South East Asia and along the costal lines of the Pacific Ocean. Thus, shipping from China is highly convenient to the international traders.As China is the largest nation in the world and having a vast land area the climate greatly differs throughout the nation. This enables China to have a varied temperature and rainfall throughout the nation. However, majority of the land area of the nation possess continental monsoon. Additionally, the winter season of the nation is mostly observed to be cold and dry while the summer is hot and rainy. Moreover, it is also important to note that China do not possess extreme climatic condition that discourages the investors.Topographically, China has higher altitudes in the western part while it has lower altitudes in the eastern region. It is observed that two third of the nation possess plateaus and mountains. However, it is also important to note that topographically the nation is not unfavourable that would discourage the investors. The topographical image of China is shown underneath.With the change in the economical structure of China, the nation has also undergone a significant change in the family structure. It is observed that majority of the people of the nation possess a nuclear family structure. This comprises of