Information Security

You will submit a 2-3 page APA research paper. You may NOT recycle any of your previous writing into this paper, it should be a brand new paper.We have covered the following primary topics thus far: Confidentiality, integrity, availability Risk Management Encryption Access Management Security ToolsFor your paper I want you to create a risk assessment report for the following fictional business. Be sure to touch on all of the primary topics we have discussed, and leverage them in your proposal. For your final, we will be creating a much more rigorous version of this so take the time to practice these initial concepts.SSU Incorporated is a marketing data company that deals with several technology stacks to attempt to form an “online identify” for consumers. SSU Inc does this by working with partners who supply information such as demographics, purchasing patterns, browser history, and more. The primary function of the business is to gather all of the information about a particular person so that targeted marketing ads can be sold to potential clients.You may assume that SSU Inc uses any technology that you wish. Discuss how each of the topics above relates to their business. Assess the potential risk of their operation and propose a plan to incorporate encryption, access management, and security tools to keep them safe.17/05/202020computerscience