Independence Day Celebration UAE Culture

Cultural diversity is a fundamental component of the world. The different countries of the world exhibit cultures that vary across local, regional, national, and international borders. One of the most important days celebrated by many countries across the world is the Independence Day. Countries that were colonized and thereafter gained independence treasure the day they became nationalized. In this respect, the nationalization of the UAE forms the basis upon which the National Day is celebrated in the country (Gavin, 2009, p.94).The celebration of the National Day in the UAE is an annual event that takes place on December 2. The celebrations mostly extend December 3, with the constituent emirates undertaking different activities to mark this day. Schools organize and engage in cultural activities, people decorate their homes, cars and other properties, and the constituent emirates hoist the national flag (Blackwell, 2009, p.72). All these events showcase UAE’s culture at its best. For this reason, the National Day in the UAE captured my interest.My colleagues, friends, family, and relatives have had a positive interaction with the UAE in terms her culture, tradition, and religious beliefs. The colleagues I interviewed maintained that they have learned so much about Muslims and their religion. Those that had no close interaction with Muslims before have had that chance, allowing them to identify cultural differences between them and the UAE community. To my family, friends, and relatives, the interview provided a platform where everybody shared what he/she knows about the UAE community.My research into the UAE’s National Day shows that UAE is culturally rich. All the emirates that make up the UAE maintain a unique culture that best describes their livelihood before and after independence (Walker Butler, 2010, p.280). The nationalization of the UAE in the year 1971 marked the unification of all the seven emirates. This was followed by the development of culture, tradition, and religious beliefs that are unique to the UAE fraternity. The National Day unifies the entire UAE population into a celebration that marks a critical step in the nation’s history. Through this event, I am in a better position to understand why the UAE culture is the way it is. Moreover, my integration into the culture is characterized by an understanding of what is expected of me relative to the culture, tradition, and religion that UAE holds so dear and essential. One can identify with the event with or without necessarily being a UAE national.In conclusion, I feel that the UAE, just like any other nation, reserves the right to celebrate one of the most important days in the country’s history. This day brings together locals and foreigners, allowing foreign populations to share in the culture, tradition, and religious beliefs observed in the UAE. The National Day in the UAE is informative and an interesting experience, due to the fact that it highlights the over-the-years progress that the country has made since its nationalization and unification of the seven emirates.AppendixReference ListBlackwell, A. H. (2009). Independence Days, London: Infobase Publishing.Gavin, T. (2009). Frommer’s Dubai and Abu Dhabi Day by Day, London: John Wiley Sons.Walker, J. Butler, S. (2010). Oman, UAE Arabian Peninsula 3, London: Lonely Planet.