Implementation Plan for the Solution

Blais (2002) argues that changes in power structure are particularly difficult to manage (p.nbsp.24). The Corporate Compliance Officer will encourage a collaborative effort from all management personnel to ensure the objective of this project proposal is met. A weekly formal written report shall be done to document the weekly initiatives taken to address concerns during the weekly meetings. Managers report to the Compliance Officer the progress of their staff training.
Before proceeding with the implementation of the proposal, it should gain the approval of the organizational Board of Directors. Such proposal shall be reviewed every 90 days. The Board will meet for two sessions in the duration of the project. The preliminary proposed project is designed to last for six months after which, a request for permanent approval will be sought from the Board of Directors.
At the start of the project, information on the organization’s customer service will be collected from many sources on a weekly basis. Evidenced-based practice together with the basic scorecard will be utilized ( see appendix A) in the promotion of quality services across the organization, within many departments promoting quality customer services. The sources of information will include referral process. self-administered questionnaires that will be distributed to members, family, and the guardians or other parties responsible for the care of the member receiving services. medical records. management systems. and internal processes used by management. This information will be collected and analyzed weekly by the different responsible managers. The QAPI committee as a whole will review and analyze all data monthly. All data will be assessed using quality indicators identified in the BSC and CARF Quality Indicators.nbsp.