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er cost sheets.
counting procedures described in the first paragraph of the problem, do the
Record general journal entries for all transactions. Note that general journal entries are not
required in transactions 3 and 7. Post only those portions of these entries affecting the gen
eral ledger accounts set up in requirement (a).
Enter the applicable amounts directly on the appropriate job order cost sheets for transac
tions 3, 4. 7, 8, and 13. Note parenthetically the nature of each amount entered
Present a brief analysis showing that the general ledger accounts for Work- in-Process Inventory
and for Finished Goods Inventory agree with the related job order cost sheets.
Explain in one sentence each what the balance of each general ledger account established in re
quirement (a) represents
P3-8A. Manufacturing Overhead Distribution Worksheet The following are selected operating data for
the production and service departments of Bluestone Company for 2019.
Overhead costs (identified by department). . …
Indirect materials. …
$ 82.200
$ 25,440
$ 516.000
Indirect labor . ..
$ 32,584
Square feet of building floor space used . …….
Assessed value of equipment used
$ 63,000
$ 210.000
Cubic yards of factory space used ..
Machine hours
Direct labor . ………… .. . . ….
$ 20,000
$ 400.000
Building depreciation of $1 10,000 is allocated on the basis of square feet of floor space. Personal prop-
erty taxes of $30,000 are allocated on the basis of assessed values of equipment used. Costs for service
departments 1 and 2 are allocated to production departments on the basis of cubic yards of factory space
and machine hours, respectively
a. Prepare a 2019 overhead distribution worksheet for Bluestone Company similar to the one pre-
pared for Exhibit 3-15
Compute the manufacturing overhead rates for production departments 1 and 2 using machine
hours and direct labor costs, respectively, for allocation bases. Round your answer to two decimal
places.Managerial Accounting