How Effective Are Celebrity Endorsements in Changing UK Consumer Attitudes about Various Clothing Brands

However, with the growing recognition that consumer incomes and confidence levels are down due to current global economic conditions, the promotion seems to be an even larger objective of today’s fashion designers and manufacturers. Many companies utilize celebrities as a means of building higher consumer interest in fashion brands and also to build a more positive brand reputation with specific target consumer audiences. The extent to which celebrity presence in fashion brand promotions actually instills changes in consumer attitudes has not been appropriately answered by existing research on the topic.Fashion marketing is a complicated business process, much like any other industry, which involves everyone in the industry from manufacturing workers to the retail buyer. Clothing is produced, promoted using a variety of mediums, and ultimately delivered to the final buying segments. Once in the retail environment, the buyer instructs salespersons about new clothing merchandise, develops employee talents in selling and sales techniques, and generally has flexibility in deciding on specific fashions and designs (Careers, 2005). All of these activities contribute to the process of ensuring that sales targets are met for both the manufacturer and the retail organization which carries the fashion brands.This proposed study will focus on the promotional aspects of fashion marketing. In the UK alone, consumers spent £46.2 billion on clothing in 2006 (Brand Strategy, 2008). Across the whole of Europe, consumers spent 311.6 billion euros on clothing and fashion, representing a massively profitable industry internationally.