History of Home Schooling

Home education is an alternative means of education as directed by parents.

The history of home schooling starts with the beginning of time. Home schooling or education at home was very common in the early days of our country. With the rise of public schools or institutional learning in the late 19th and early 20 centuries it was on the decline.But it is making a comeback…Currently between 1-2 million children are educated at home.

Famous Home Schoolers

When our world was smaller than it is today parents took an active daily role in their child’s education.

Surprisingly (as compared with today) many of the first learning institutions in America were established for religioius reasons.

From 1700-1880 local schools were established by and for local communities. Parents had lots of control over their students learning.

During most of the 20th century homeschooling was not done, in fact it was illegal in many places.

Two things happened which I think turned the tide back to homeschooling.

  1. Prayer was banned in public school in the 1960’s.
  2. From the 1970’s and on the public school system had grown into a large bureaucratic organization. Where as in the early day parents had a lot of control over there child’s education, now they seemed to be far removed from any decision making, It’s the politicians and the teacher’s unions who run things now.

It seems as though we have come full circle, with parents wanting to take back the responsibility for their child’s education.

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