History 12

After reading the two documents please write a single post answering the following two questions and composing one question of your own. Your answers should be a nice robust paragraph–around 6-10 sentences.1. How would you define Black Power after reading Carmichael? Where does it come from and what does economics have to do with it according to Carmichael? Why is being “color-blind” (that is forget color, we are all humans) problematic. (2.5 points)2. What is “the problem with no name and who is Friedan’s audience? How does she define feminism or “feminine”? (2.5 points)3. Write ONE analytical question following up on EITHER of the three documents. That is don’t ask a factual or opinion question but rather a question about what the document means or why the author was arguing what he was arguing. (2.5 points)13/05/20207history