Harpos Bar and Restaurant

The bar is especially popular on football Saturdays, which is the Saturdays that the University of Missouri hosts a home football game. The bar serves drink schedules twice a week, as they feature quarter draws of beer on Thursday nights, along with half-price wings and $2 shots. The history of the bar and grill is that it was established in 1971 by Dennis and Randy Harper. The two brothers sold the bar, along with the Harpo’s in St. Louis, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri, in the mid-1990s. Since then, the bar has been owned by Chuck Naylor and Kevin Fitzpatrick, both local businessmen. Although the ownership changed, the atmosphere and the popularity of the place did not, as it has only gotten better over the years. Product The product that is offered by Harpo’s is food and drink. Below is a picture of their menu: The food is all made, fresh, in house. The food is purchased from all local suppliers, and the food arrives every Tuesday. The drinks are all purchased from Seven Seas Beverage, located in Bridgeton, Missouri. Location Harpo’s is located by downtown Columbia. It is an ideal location, as it is close to the University of Missouri campus. It is walking distance for many students. This is important, as many students do not have a car, as this is a campus that is not a commuter campus. This means that most of the students who attend this school actually live in dormitories or apartments that are close to the school. Students also tend to live in fraternity and sorority houses. As parking is an issue on campus, many students walk to campus. Since the clientele for this bar and grill are mainly students, at least during the school year, the location is ideal. Moreover, it is also walking distance from the football stadium. This is also important, as the bar and grill do excellent business during football Saturdays. People can literally walk from the bar to the football stadium and back again. Whenever there is a big game that is won by the home team, the goalpost is torn down and paraded to Harpo’s, and this is a fun ritual that increases interest in the bar and drives people, in droves, to this bar. Human Resources The workforce at Harpo’s is unstable, simply because the bar hires students to run the bar and to wait for tables. Since the students have to be 21 years of age, this means that the students who are hired are in the last two years of college, and this means that these students only work one or two years before they graduate and leave for other places. The way that the work is scheduled at this business is that, once a week, the manager produces a schedule for the wait staff, the cooks, and the bar staff. They try to be fair – for instance, working from 4:30 to close is more lucrative than working 9:30 to close, as the waitresses who work this shift get to choose the area that they wait, and the earlier waitresses choose the areas which are most populated, leaving the later waitresses to wait tables in smaller areas. The job characteristics of the cooks are that they had some prior experience in some restaurant being a line cook. The managers need to know how to order food, how to know when to order food and how much food to order, and they have to know how to dispose of the food that is leftover. The managers are also responsible for the hiring of the wait staff, the cooking staff, and the bar staff. The waitresses are college women, and a few men and they are basically hired on the basis of their personality and looks and referrals from others.