Greek Literature and Film

It has been a long journey that started with a single step of archetypes such as the patient woman and that fatherless child, not to fail to mention the returning wander (Stanford, 2008). Among this the interpretational dedicated ‘Odyssey’ acts as the catalyst and have provided the reader a strong endorsement of this novelist’s introduction creating suspense on what will happen next. Penelope had been quit patient for her husband’s homecoming. Hall has noted that women in the ancient literature who were wise enough were treated with great respect and honor. This paper acknowledges that filling the psychological gaps had to be interwoven with Homeric perspective as the reader streams down the Penelope –Odysseus marriage history. The modern life would only live in anticipation of emulating the olden pattern of life. It’s believed that old is Gold (Allan, 2012). The main aim of Odyssey is to directly invoke strong power of talismanic psychological power that was in existence by that time. The context of sexual tension in this Odysseus is also highlighted in her art of work. Hall who is an educated research professor of drama and classics based at Royal Holloway, University of London has done a colorful art and her work is filled with most exciting pieces of work that leave the wanting for more. She has managed to quench the thirst of the reader. Her observation on Odyssey’s, is interesting she points out that it has echoed antiquity and it owes some measure for its allure. This paper can’t ignore the fact that the surprising effects of the spiritual children. This is cutting from one generation to another passing this great effect of colorful work to generations to come, (Allan, 2012). In the film industry,… This essay Greek Literature and Film investigates the influence of the oldest believed Greek literature on a modern works and film industry. Archaeological findings have helped in shedding light and giving an eagle eye view on the decorations of the many artifacts. Research has proved from the geometric colorful designs are some of the key component that form the skeleton of the Greek literature. The interesting part is how this well-illustrated by this ancient fathers in the world of literature today. This paper recognizes the oldest sources used were the Odyssey, Iliad and the epic poems. In the film industry, there are several tensions as to give the best results to the audience. This calls for accurate calculations in composition and style. The film and the poetry all inter-marry in way or another. So far the achievements of the epic poetry were to create a long and lasting story-cycle with an aim to achieve human achievements ever recorded. The world today is striving hard to emulate the ancient Greek mode of life. Creating these spheres has been a norm. It’s believed they used to take oath and never disclose the secrets that made them the heroes for that matter. There was also rise in this cult in the gods and heroes where were new gods born, but raising the heroes was a continuous process that built the center of the local group’s identity. This appreciates the art of poetry and film for its immense teaching that it offers to the whole world today.