Goals Setting

Firstly I would probably not make a lasting impact on the overall management of the firm which would hurt my chances of getting rehired. Secondly I would probably not learn a number of necessary tips from skilled professionals and lastly, the job task could possible become more difficult which could hurt my overall performance. I postulate this because much of the information needed to be an effective auditor, in my opinion, can be gained in a short time when explained by a skilled professional but may take a great deal more effort to learn if that same information has to be learned organically.

In regards to the techniques discussed in A Coaches Playbook for Leaders, it is my opinion that one of the most exemplified coaching practices was clarifying roles and goals. On my very first day, my roles and responsibilities were covered extensively, and in my opinion, this will prevent me from overstepping any boundaries and ensuring that I stay on target with my work project. Since that original meeting, I have received meaningful and positive feedback from my manager. Although I have not accomplished much in my internship, I had my manager look over my work thus far and he was able to identify that I was remaining on target. This not only motivated me to want to continue to impress him but I believe that this strategy will ensure that I produce meaningful and effective work that is tailored to the standards of my manager.