Geometry proj2

be used to find the area of a parallelogram since the rectangle has been obtained by translating a triangular section of the parallelogram without loss of area thereby maintaining the base length and height.
4. How do the base and height of the parallelogram compare to the base and height of the original triangle? Write an expression for the height of the parallelogram in terms of the height, h, of the triangle.
10. Show how you can find an area formula for a kite using a reflection. (hint: Reflect half of the kite across its line of symmetry d1 by folding the kite along d1. How is the area of the triangle formed related to the area of the kite)
2. A company sells cornmeal and barley in cylindrical containers. The diameter of the base of the 6-in-high cornmeal container is 4 in. The diameter of the base of the 4-in-high barley container is 6 in. Which container has the greater surface area? Which container has the greater volume?
3. The roof of a 50 ft circular building is shaped like a cone with a diameter of 40 ft and height 20 ft. What is the surface area of the building and roof together? What is the volume of building and roof together? (5 points)
5. On Sept. 3, 1970, a hailstone with diameter of 5.6 in fell at Coffeyville, KS. It weighed about 0.018 lb/in.3 compared to the normal 0.033 lb/in.3 for ice. About how heavy was this Kansas hailstone? (5 points)
7. Two storage bins are built in the form of rectangular prisms, and the two bins are similar. One stores wheat at a cost of $.15 per bushel, and the other stores corn at a cost of $.20 per bushel. The bin storing the wheat has a square base 80 ft on a side and is 120 ft tall. If the cost of storing the wheat is $8000, and the cost of storing the corn is $36,000, find the height and the length to the nearest whole number of a side of the base of the bin storing corn. (2 points)
9. Two similar cylinders contain juice. The first cylinder has radius 6 in and height 10 in., contains orange