Gender Folklore Inequality

As stated earlier modern society has diversified in the categorization of human sexual orientations. The matter has affected gravely the state of law, politics and even religion. Initially, the only recognized group to emerge was homosexuals. These are the gay and the lesbians. However, some groups chose to sort of break away from the mainstream stereotype by including a more inclusive abbreviation like L.G.B.T.Q.I.A. this category includes the homosexuals for lesbian and gay, the bisexual, the transgender, the queer, the intersex and the asexual. The term transgender in definition means a person who does not identify with the normal sexual orientations of male or female. In the USA, many cases exist of people who were born male identifying themselves as females and the same applies to females. The matter has bred such controversy and discussions to the extent of affecting the law. One such example was in a case in Colorado. The child Coy Mathis was born a boy but wore pink dresses and wished people to refer to her as a girl. While in kindergarten the school’s administration prohibited her from using the girl’s bathroom and instead to use a gender-neutral bathroom. The parents pulled her out of the school soon after. This case has been at the heart of a legal issue. Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws protect transgender people and this is why this case received much public attention. Southern Comfort was a compelling story that focused on the discrimination people of different sexual orientations from the norm suffer.