From Jam Global Continual Development Strategy of Dupont International Management

ich pipeline of new products, together with its environmentally sustainable policy also appears to be contributing towards helping the Company to face the challenges of the global environment.
E. I. Dupont de Nemours and Co was established in 1802 as an explosives Company and has since branched out into chemicals, agriculture, electronics, communications, construction, apparel and transportation. However it has now expanded its operations into 70 countries with an annual revenue of $28.93 billion in 2006 and a wide range of innovative products ( The Company also continues to be very successful despite the increasing trends to globalization and has emerged as a multinational enterprise that has successfully established itself all over the globe.
This study will examine the global development strategy of the Dupont Company and the factors that have fuelled its growth in the global marketplace. It will also aim to identify the reasons and management strategy behind Dupont’s success and ability to adapt to changing global conditions and maintain its position as a significant global enterprise. The functioning of Dupont as a multinational enterprise will be taken into consideration, as also its global operations and distribution system.
This dissertation consists of four parts. The first Chapter identifies the research question and provides an introduction to the history of the Dupont Company and the issues that are to be covered in the study. The second Chapter of the assignment is an exhaustive literature review that takes into account significant strategies followed by Dupont and the theories and economic basis that may underlie such strategies. The third Chapter of the dissertation is the methodology, which primarily takes into account two kinds of data (a) financial statements of the Dupont Company and (b) views of officials of Dupont that shed light on the strategic management policies that have been followed by the Company. The last