Feminists Want Women to Be the Same as Men

Feminists advocate for the rights of women as equal individuals in the society with men in the society and they support the equal treatment of all people within the society and in which case they are able to propagate the issues that promote the livelihood of all. In many instances, people have said that feminists have advocated for the gender equality in which men and women have to be treated in the same way regardless of the differences that exist between them. However, this caused a debate between in the people considering the fact that some people argue from the perspective of the modern feminists who advocate for gender equity rather than gender equality advanced by others (Kunin, 2012, p. 3-7). In this respect, the debate of whether feminists want women to be the same as men remain important and relevant among people who have knowledge about the perspectives of the feminists and the things they support. In the introduction of feminism in the society, the proponents had advanced the notion that there was unequal treatment between men and women who were expected to raise people to a level of worship. The inequalities that people pointed out did not favor women and therefore, they felt that there was a need to establish a system in which people who do similar jobs in an organization were to receive equal treatment in all aspects (Kunin, 2012, p. 12). This was aimed to improve the status of working in the society so that both women and men are able to benefit from what they do in the society and ensure that all effort is rewarded equally in the society. Feminists of the early times advanced the perspective that payments and other benefits that are guaranteed to one gender can be extended to other people regardless of the fact that they have differences. Feminism in its original form worked to establish gender neutrality between men and women so as to eliminate biases that existed in extending benefits to men and women who did similar jobs.