Fauna A Treasuretrove of Learning and Inspiration

Video Link: http www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RDU7fuZ3EQ Fauna: A Treasure-trove of Learning and Inspiration For thousandsof years, countless people have achieved scientific breakthroughs and even philosophical enlightenment through the observation and mimicry of different attributes of plants. The Reuters’ video exemplifies this with scientists developing a stain-, scratch-, and damage-resistant coating inspired by the slippery walls of the pitcher plant.
People have greatly benefited from the innovations spurred on by the study of nature, especially plants. In fact, the opportunity for rediscovering new and useful technologies from nature is so great that a new body of science has been established: Biomimetics. Biomimetics or Biomimicry is the creation of new technology by imitating functions found in nature and applying these concepts to various fields such as robotics, engineering and even medicine (Lepora, et. al.). Many commonplace materials such as velcro, to complex architectural designs are innovations inspired by plants (Cohen 6,13, 612). Plants are also used as biological models to study the action of various organic and inorganic substances at the cellular level and they are also utilized for studies in molecular biology and genetics (Morrissey 295).
Aside from the benefits gained by science, plants also impart wisdom in conducting our day-to-day lives. Growth, resilience, stability, and nurture can all be observed and imbibed from planting trees from seeds. Appreciation for life in general can be fostered through gardening and watching the plants bloom and fruit in their season. These are important values which should be rooted in every man’s soul.
Sources of knowledge and inspiration can come from all around. Plants should never be disregarded in this aspect for the kingdom contains a plethora of scientific information as well as examples for our everyday lives. As Sir Francis Bacon once said,
Natural abilities are like natural plants, they need pruning by study (Klein). From the realms of science and technology to the depths of man’s psyche, the fountain of knowledge from the world of plants continue to enrich, enlighten and inspire.
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