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Fashion Trend: Prints Guess what’s hot in the fashion world today? PRINTS! MIND-BOGGLING MISMATCHING PRINTS! The fashion gurus have gone wilder with this new trend — Head-To-Toe Prints (Hutchings , par 1). Whether it be floral, stripes, animal, paisley or retro, you name it, it’s definitely IN! It’s not your eyes
that’s deceiving you. Yes, ladies are going gaga over the mix-matching of different types of prints. Now, you don’t have to ask your fashion stylist if your floral blouse matches with your animal printed pants because the fashion world has gone crazy with PRINTS. Who would imagine that matching a stripe shirt with a floral skirt means chic? And wearing a polka dot pants with a leopard print blouse is vogue?
But have you ever wondered where and when did the Prints trend originate? In so far as the lazy teardrop pattern, called paisley is concerned, it orginated in India but its name comes from a town in southern Scotland (Horlick , par 1). Paisley pattern dates back to more than 2,000 years ago. Originally the paisley design was seen in woollen shawls made in the town of Paisley.

became popular and were printed in fabrics. Nowadays, animal prints vary from leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, tiger, zebra, giraffe and cows to whatever animal you find in the zoo.

Many designers today go for the Afrocentric prints. As the name implies, these are prints which took inspiration from Africa. A combination of bold and pastel colors, geometric shapes and lines, big and small flowers are all part of the new fashion statement.
Several fashion companies and designers are espousing this new trend on the catwalk. Dolce amp. Gabbana, Peter Pilotto, Mary Katrantzou, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Thakoon and Tory Burch. Each one takes pride in having their own print mismatching style.
The question now is not whether the print on your pants matches the print on your blouse, rather, you might just be hearing comments from women that goes, I hope my prints don’t match!. The more prominent the clashing prints and colors on your wardrobe, the more trendy you are. One can aptly say, the weirder your combination, the more fashionable you are. Just a caveat though, don’t let grandma see you, else she suffers a heart attack. As for me, I’m off to the beach wearing my polka dot bikini matched with a floral bra top. Ooops, of course won’t forget my multi-colored stripe umbrella to go with my splatter painted summer hat.
Goodbye minimalists, hello fearless printed fashionistas!

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