I organized an American Red Cross blood drive event in which 50 people happily donated their blood.
This made me realize that there are some people just like me who care and who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of complete strangers. The count of 150 lives that would be saved instilled in me a greater feeling of humanity and further drove me to perform better. My inner voice ushered me to volunteer the captaining of UMKC’s Pre-Health Relay for Life team either, and it further kept me boosted in supervising the whole event despite the tiredness my body felt. I also helped initiate the Science Pioneers Program, which was earlier present only for young girls, to young boys of middle school too. This would not only introduce all of them to the world of biology, but also appear as a significant career choice to those who, like me, have always dreamt of saving lives. When I was honored with the responsibility of being the President of BSSG, my critical thinking as well as problem solving skills were honed, as I had to plan various service and social events despite significant challenges that stood in the way. Some examples of these events include Harvesters Community Food Network, Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House Charities as well as Meet, Greet amp. Recruit, KC Zoo Trip etc. While the service events focused on helping people in need by providing them with basic amenities such as food and shelter, the social events aimed to inspire more students to join BSSG as well as enhance the understanding of all members by providing opportunities to explore sea life, African Safari etc.
I am someone who thoroughly believes in gratitude and the concept of giving back, mostly because that is the environment I was brought up in. Islamic School of Greater Kansas City was my community high school and in the light of this deeply rooted concept, I have always been in touch with the school’s principal as well as