Evidence based practice with young people who sexually offend

t for a crime, a mere intention is not enough, or even if there is a crime as well as an intention to it, it still does not fall under the category of crime if it hurts and offends someone in personal. (Danziger, pp. 34-37, 2002) Any wrongful act is a crime only when it is done with an intention as well as the act of wrongdoing affects the public. Such a definition was limited to only adult and grown-up members of the human society until few decades ago. however, a new term of juvenile or adolescent offenders came into being after a number of cases reported in which, youngsters below 18 years of age were involved in criminal activities, such as theft, burglary, rape, harassment, etc. In specific, when a juvenile in the age group of 13-17 commit any sexual offense, he/she is referred as adolescent sexual offender in the United Kingdom, and such is the case in a number of other countries around the globe.
There can be innumerable reasons for sexual offenses flourishing in our society. however, experts have classified them into different broad umbrellas such as social circumstances, moral and ethical reasons, racial and lingual issue, environmental factors, religious differences, personality disorders, mental diseases, past experiences, family history and so on and so forth. (Bessant amp. Watts, pp. 33-41, 2007) Sometimes the reason is nothing but the personal choice of the criminal to adhere to sexual offenses. This paper deals with a thorough discussion of factors that are responsible for existence of such offensive activities in lives of youngsters.
Crimes can be viewed as the result of adverse social circumstances. (Wolfgand amp. Johnston, pp. 56-63, 1962) Not every youngster chooses crime for his life’s long journey. however, sometimes, conditions are just too impossible to avoid for ordinary people, situations are inevitable to not to fall apart, not always the wrong doer is the criminal only, sometimes, it is the whole society to share the crime. Yes, crimes