Egalite for all toussaint louverture and the haitian revolution summary

Topic: A documentary based on the Haitian revolution and the general who led the Haitian to a world free of slavery and led them against the cruel rulers describes beautifully how Toussaint Louverture raised the slogan of Egalite for all. Toussaint, more famously known as the George Washington of the black people was great leader, a man who fought against the for the rights of his people, was a threat to the white community but they all admired him for his loyalty to his people as well as his genius.
The documentary describes the last decade of the eighteenth century when the Haitian revolution started and calls it the most successful rebellion ever in the history of mankind. The movie describes the role of different leaders and men who fought in the period of 13 years to gain independence and among them the great Toussaint Louverture who led from the front this revolt and brought independence to his country and people.
The portrayal of the struggles of the Africans under the rule of French and Spanish as well as the Americans cannot get any better than this. Also, the facts from history are portrayed and described with precision in the movie which shows the hardwork of the movie makers and their struggle to collect specific information and data about the Haitian revolution. Saint Domingue was the French colony this revolt started from and spread across the many colonies. It was not until 1804 that the Haitians gained independence and changed the course of history. All these facts and stories are explained very precisely and beautifully in the movie. It is a documentary for history lovers. Those who have a slightest of interest in history or need to study Haitian revolution, this is a must watch since it takes us back to the time when all of this was happening and one feels like a part of it.