3rd July Economic forecasting at Bank of Green One of the major issues that are affecting the investors is the slow growth of GDP an aspect that results to low national demand as well as reduced consumers purchasing power. Additionally, the decline in the consumer confidence result to low demand for financial services implying that Bank of Green and Federal Reserve must take an action to restore the economy. In order to expand the investment thus increasing the job opportunities, the Federal Reserve must ensure that the Bank of Green has adequate funds to give as loan to the investors as well as customers. The bank Federal Reserve should make sure that the interest rate is maintained at an affordable rate in order to avoid inflation (The Federal Reserve 4). As a result, the investors will not only be able to borrow and expand their investment portfolio but also they will have confidence in the value of their pensions. The increase in the level of investment will ultimately create job opportunities for the household thus raising the income as well as the consumer spending (Jodi 3). As time goes by, the economy will be back in track leading to a raise in the level of consumer confidence.
On its part, the Bank of Green should ensure that it emulates appropriate changes on the products and services they are offering. For example, the bank should ensure that the products can be easily changed into liquid at a faster rate. In this way, the consumer will have adequate money at their disposal thus ensuring they easily access other products and services provided by the economy. The bank should also emulate extensive marketing of the products as a way of creating strong customer awareness.
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