What is the eclectic home school?

The dictionary defines eclectic as “made up of or combining elements from a variety of sources”.

Many home schoolers use an eclectic mix of materials, taking a little bit from this , something else from that and another thing from there..

  • Perhaps a pre-designed program for language arts or math…
  • Fill in history with historical fiction and field trips…
  • Art classes at the local museum…
  • Dance classes at the rec center…
  • Science with your local home school science club…

The possibilities are endless!

Eclectic Home School |Danstotridge.comHome schoolers often take advantage of the educational programs provided by:

  • museums
  • community centers
  • athletic clubs
  • after-school programs
  • churches
  • science preserves
  • parks

These organizatons have become very aware of the growing population of home schoolers and are continualy providing more and more programs for them.
High school level home schoolers often take classes at their local community colleges.

The eclectic home school is more than just drawing from different sources. It is also about employing different styles.

  • using the classical method to teach history
  • the unschooling method to teach science
  • a pre-packaged curriculum to teach math

The eclectic home school is a learn as you go approach. Many first time home educaters do “school at home”, but then as the years go by and their comfort level grows they try a little of this and a little of that. They slowly learn to throw the so called rules out the window and do whatever they find which works best for their children. And that usually ends up to to be an eclectic mix of ideas.