Deportation as a Disturbing Solution for Illegal Migration

However poverty is not the only reason, many reasons force people to do this. In the past few years, illegal immigration has increased to a great extent which results in deportation which further makes the situation worse. Deportation refers to the removal of a person from a country based on legal grounds. In the USA, it takes place when the federal government orders to remove a non-citizen from the United States (Findlaw). But deportation is not a good policy for handling illegal immigration. It just removes the non-citizens from the land but with their departure, the country might lose the workforce.Many causes force the individuals to opt for illegal immigration because the economic conditions do not allow them to go for a fair and legal means. So without paying any heed to the consequences and the need to improve the standard of living makes them overlook the aftermath and they choose to immigrate illegally. Throughout the world, people struggle to get better jobs and economic opportunities for themselves and their families. They succeed in such endeavors since immigration enforcement possesses many flaws and hence fails to stop them from entering the forbidden lands(Silsby). So this establishes the dire need to improve the living conditions and to find better job opportunities is the driving force behind illegal immigration.Once the individuals land in the country, they try hard to secure their position as an indispensable being by taking part in the progress of the country. They work in different companies and once they have established their value by working hard they are asked to leave as a result of illegal immigration. Emily Ryo presents a vivid picture of this self-centered act and asserts that while willing to acquire their services about labor and other hardships, we try to send them the message that their services are no more needed and that they should return to their homelands.