Home Schooling Curriculum

Home Schooling Curriculum |Danstotridge.comWhen choosing your homeschooling curriculum it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the many choices available. And it is easy to make the mistake of acquiring too much. When you start planning and shopping for homeschooling curriculum it can be very enthralling and it can be very daunting. My desire is to help you sort through and whittle down the choices into a manageable assortment.

As a homeschooler, you have the unique opportunity of following several different paths when choosing your curriculum.

  1. Choose your books from the public library.
  2. Access the many homeschooling catalogs, publishers or individual specialists available.
  3. Go to the local bookstore.
  4. Use the traditional education publishers not affiliated with homeschooling.
  5. Enlist the support of local homeschooling organizations.
  6. Look to your church, synagogue, or other religious organization.
  7. Sign up with the homeschooling programs now offered through many local public schools.
  8. Enroll with a private homeschool also known as an I.S.P.
  9. Take courses through distance learning media which includes mail, internet, e-mail, or TV.
  10. Use one of the many pre-packaged curriculums available.

You will find that one, several, or all of the above will work well.