Culture is in the air

Culture is in the Air al Affiliation) American culture is diverse with almost all regions around the globe having influenced it. The United States of America population constitutes of immigrants, a majority being the English, who were colonizers of the country in the early 1600s (Zimmermann, 2015). The civilization of Africans, Asians, Latina and Native Americans molded the culture of the Americans. The term “melting pot” describes the United States because the cultural diversity has contributed individual unique flavors to the culture of the country. Different regions in the America have well-defined practices.
Jeans, cowboy hats, baseball caps, sneakers just to name a few, symbolize American style. The attires are a representation of the American people in light of culture. It is unusual to lack at least one of the named clothing items amongst a group of five people. The State of Texas’ individuals are famous for wearing cowboy hats and boots.
American cuisine is another physical representation of culture. Foods associated with the country are hotdogs, macaroni and cheese, hamburgers, meatloaf and potato chips. In addition, various cooking methods are rooted in a region in America. American Comfort food is cooking from the southern region while Tex-Mex is a combination of Mexican and Spanish cooking styles nonspecialist in Texas and South West (Zimmermann, 2015).
Americans practice a vast number of religions. Statistics from a poll recorded 83% of Americans as Christians while 13% confirmed to lack religion (Zimmermann, 2015). Judaism followed Christianity in its popularity as a religion with Muslims coming last with a percentage of 0.6 (Zimmermann, 2015). The diverse cultural contribution of the various societies to the American culture makes it distinctive because it is rich in a wide range of customs, objects, beliefs, ethics and more.
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