Cubans in Miami

In addition to this, the Cuban community is characterized by the low fertility levels due to their demographic structure.
The reasons for their high social and economic status are first and foremost that women are in income generation activities more than the men. In addition, the Cuban was characterized by the presence of a strong ethnic closed society. Finally, the Cuban society was involved with post-revolutionary activities which helped them to fight for better living standards. The Cuban people are to have a strong cultural system. However, due to the differences and the way of life in the United of America, they have adjusted their values and beliefs and they have been to the American society. Several studies have suggested that about 1 million of the American population are of Cuban origin. More accurate data from the United States Bureau of Census conducted at about 1980 revealed that about 803,226 of the American population were associated with the Cuban descent, and this number of Cuban origin people is to have increased over the years (Lisandro129).
The immigration of Cubans to America has always been linked to economic situations and political events on the island. Before the American government helped in ending the Spanish rule on the island in 1899, the northern Cuban neighbor had played a considerable role in Cuba’s economic and political issues. As the involvement of the US government intensified during the 19th and 20th centuries, the United States of America had become a preferred place of settlement for Cuban emigrants who have succeeded to get powerful positions in the financial, intellectual and political landscapes in the United States (L. Glenn 31).
As statistics depict, the number of Cuban immigrants before 1885 was relatively low. However, about five years later, the number of Cuban immigrants to United States of America has more than tripled. New heights of immigration of Cubans were reached between 1897 and 1910 which is a