Critical Reading

There are many different styles for poems, but a good poem is one that delivers a message that cuts across time and is strengthened by its elements of style.The poem Merging Dreams of Lovers with Leftover Pizza by Amylia Grace is deals with the erotic pleasures in a hopeful relationship. On first reading, you would distinguish the poem as being sensuality involved. There is a stirring of emotions that makes you want to finish reading all the stanzas in order to see where it ends. The last two stanzas, however, tell you that there is something more in the poem than mere eroticism. Reading the poem multiple times leads you to the theme of the poem—the desire for a lasting passionate relationship.Romantic poetry is characterized by William Wordsworth as the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings (qtd. in Russel et al.), and clearly this poem, written by Amylia Grace, is one of these because of the intensity and dominance of the reader’s feelings on sensuality in a lasting relationship. The string of emotions in the poem was accentuated first by the employing first person in the singular object through using I, and plural possessive forms through using our and we. Using first person in poem expresses immediacy and personality that evokes ownership from the point of view of the reader. That it is consistent throughout the entire poem only enhances the longing emotions, which help connect the reader to the theme of the poem. The use of first person in the poem does not discriminate nor points to a particular gender as the speaker. this makes it more universal. This poem’s universality, however, is intended for specific groups of people. Anyone reader who has fallen in love could derive a connection with the desire for a lasting relationship and true love. however, the depth of the poem’s erotic meaning can only be fully understood