Critical Essay Paper

Philosophy 102, EthicsCritical essay paper Instructions and topics.Select one of the following “issues” and write a 5- 7 page paper using the following format:Your paper will have three parts, a Thesis, an Anti-thesis, and a Synthesis.[Please, at the beginning of each section, mark it appropriately, that is, as Part I., Part II., or Part III.]Part I: (Your Thesis) Write a short essay taking one side or the other on the issue you select.Part II: (Your Anti-thesis) Write a critical analysis in reply to your essay in Part I (as though you were a fair opponent who is attacking your argument).Part III: (Your Synthesis) Rewrite your original essay, (Part I), taking into account the criticisms made in Part II.The three part paper should contain at least 5 pages and no more than 7 pages, double spaced with normal 12 point font and normal margins.Each part MUST be separate and marked clearly as Part I, Part II, and Part III.Following this format is required.Part I—Yes we should or no we shouldn’t do X and why we should or shouldn’t, or why X is true and Y is false, and so forth. [Think of this as though you were a prosecuting attorney in court.].Part II—Take the opposite position to your first position (of Part I.) and oppose it. [Think of this as though you are the defense attorney in a law court.]Part III—Rewrite your first part (Part I, your initial position) taking into account the arguments of the second part (Part II) [Think of this as a disinterested party attempting to weigh the two sides and deciding what is the most reasonable position, one that is most likely a compromise between the first two parts.]Write a paper on one of the following issues:Environmental Issues follow:-Whether or not we should use animals in medical research.-Whether or not we should decrease our reliance on the automobile in order to reduce our dependence on crude oil.-Whether or not we should regard our planet’s remaining wilderness areas as having intrinsic value.-Whether or not genetically manipulated foods and other products are safe for humans and the environment.-Whether or not global warming is a genuine threat to planet earth.Bioethical Issues follow:-Whether or not human cloning should be permitted.-Whether or not genetic research should ultimately be used for human “enhancement”-Whether or not we should require that every adult be tested for AIDS.Consumer Issues follow:-Whether or not major international footwear and clothing companies are violating the rights of third world workers-Whether or not we are morally obligated to purchase environmentally sound and safe products.-Whether or not advertisers should be allowed to target young children in their commercials. (For example, consider the “Cereal commercials with early morning cartoon shows.)28/02/20205socialscience