Contemporary Supreme Court Cases



The attraction towards indecency through media is increasing day by day. Studies concerned with internet utilization prove that the sites which provide access to sexual materials have great popularity among internet users. There is a great threat that the children may easily get exposed to indecent content and in order to prevent it, Congress enacted the Communications Decency Act of 1996. It prohibited anyone from knowingly transmitting any indecent communication to persons under the age of 18, through a telecommunications device (Lively &amp. Weaver, 2006, P. 149). The society is a deciding factor in determining what is right and what is wrong. Social changes occurring in one’s society can alter one’s attitude and behaviors. Say for people have different opinions about homosexuality. Some are totally against it while the other group gives consent mentally. Certain countries’ legal systems make the particular group see themselves as wronged and persecuted and it relieves their feeling of guilt. It is because of the police that homosexuals often regard themselves as an unfairly treated minority group (Nardi &amp. Schneider, 1998, p. 178).