Contemporary Issues Concerning Security Issues as A Profession

Rather, it is said that liberalism thrives on the wings of security rather than liberty and that if the people are guaranteed of their security, they can champion the possibility of liberalism.The second issue, on the other hand, happens to be a more tangible and practical phenomenon that happens to be with us as a people on a constant basis. This is the issue of natural disasters and how the country has often been taken unawares by the magnitude and breadth of these natural disasters. In the news item, there is a reflection on one of the major hurricanes that was recorded in the history of the United States and this was Hurricane Katrina. Generally, there are questions about the role that the security professional can play in risk mitigation associated with such natural disasters. Arguing that the mere identification of the disasters and the warning of citizens to stay off are not enough, detailed remarks are given on how the issue impacts security operations and how it can be handled well in future.On the issue of balance between liberty and security, there can be several implications drawn on the impact that it has on security operations, though this contemporary issue is highly academic. In the first place, the vivid realization that the very liberties and freedoms of the people rest with the degree of security they have implies that security operations hold, and is responsible for the fundamental protection of the practice of liberalism in the country. If this is so, then there is the need to equip the security forces, and for that matter the security professional with adequate contingency preparations that will ensure that they are able to give maximum protection to the liberties of the collective people of the country. By this, an advocacy for people-centered security operations is admonished.