Computers More than Just an Artificial Need

The influence this machine has on human race is undoubtedly unmatched. It is too hard to even imagine our lives without computers and that truly is a very difficult job now because of the ease this machine provides in a daily life. The basic intention of inventing computers is to discover ease in calculations. After awhile the term ‘ease’ became the key in upgrading the simple calculator to a whole new machine what today is considered as ‘computer’. Before the computers were invented, people used to waste a good amount of their time on things that can be done in minutes using computers now in a more systematic and organized manner. At that time when there were no computers, people had to make everything (cards, posters, leaflets, brochures etc.) manually using their hands and material. They used to keep record of the data in written and they had to keep it safe from physical environment which could damage it. Searching was another time taking problem because they manually had to go through each entry until they reach to the required one. But now with computers it all seems so easy and quick than never before. Computers have cut lots of energy and time wastage which is being used in other developmental strategies and actions (Beisse). The use of computers has been enhanced in the recent years, and it is nearly impossible to step into any field without holding hands with computer. From studies to entertainment computers are the hosts of everything that is out there in the world. In medical sciences. computers saves time which replicates to life for any patient in critical condition. Computer keeps the record of the medical history of a patient which can come handy in crucial situations. It helps doctors to diagnose any patient with better efficiency. Doctors stay connected to each other through computers and it is with the help of computer that they can access the latest researches and reports related to their specializations in different medical journals online (Caplan). The increased usage of computer is also because of the Internet. The idea of internet is too broad and fanciful that no one helps but gets inspired. It has widened the bridge of communications all around the globe. It wouldn’t be wrong if it is said that the world has now become a global village mainly because of the Internet and computers. From news to business and from discussions to reports everything is just a click away. The emails have become a key figure in a lot of businesses. It is not just only fast but it also reduces the cost of telephones and papers. The whole staff can be easily updated by a single mail within minutes and they can remove their queries in a shorter time span. The actions can be quickly taken once the communication is over and it has no limits of how long or short that discussion can be. Individuals unable to come to the offices for any possible reasons can stay at their homes and work with all of the updates of latest proceedings in their companies (Brounstein). Another life easing facility this technology provides is the search engines such as Google. There is no single topic in the world which cannot be found on the search engines. With the help of these search engines, millions of people collect every kind of information he or she wants. They don’t have to wander in libraries for bits of information. Books are occasionally time consuming to find and then it is also a difficult job to look through it for an appropriate piece of information which are required in the reports but with online search engines provides the appropriate information to the seeker in a lesser time and wasting lesser energy (Kolodzy). The business via internet has now become wholly a