Company Profile AssignmentSelect a business association/organization and create a detailed profile.  Place yourself in the role of news reporter writing to an uninformed reader.Detail the history of the company, who, when and how it started.  Include informationRegarding whether the business began as one type of organization and changed over time.Consider any and all relevant data:  the who, what, where, how of the business.Explain the business’ current situation: who runs it, if it has partners who are the general or limited partners?  If it’s a corporation, is it “private” or public” or “non-profit”?  Is it “closely-held” or “publicly-traded” corporation?  Who is the CEO, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, how many individuals sit on the Board?If the business is a corporation, what is the state of incorporation, when, ect.?If the corporation is publicly traded”, where is the corporation listed? NASDAQ/ NYSE?Anticipate any and all relevant questions that your reader may have regarding the organization.I have intentionally remained vague as part of my performance evaluation of your work is assessing your ability to research and relate the critical operational characteristics as well as identify the important data.Your Profile should be lengthy and detailed, although format is not critical-essay style or bullet points are entirely acceptable.This is a critical skill set to develop as a business professional.  In business, an individual must be aware of potential clients, customers as well as competitors in one’s respective field(s).Attempt to secure what I refer to as a “tasty nugget” of information about the business.  This is a more obscure or “fresh” fact about the company that will impress your reader/audience.Developing this skill set will serve you well as you advance on your career in business.Have some fun with it as well!j/e/r