Cognitive Behavioral Theory in a Beautiful Mind

41000 In this essay, an attempt would be made to analyze the case and find a probable solution by making use of the ‘Cognitive Behavioral Theory.’ Nash had a mental health problem, schizophrenia, which had surfaced during middle age and stood as a stumbling block between his work and family. The gravity of the problem increased so much that Nash had to leave his job as a professor and eventually became institutionalized. His wife and his roommate Charles stood by Nash, as the depths of his make-believe or imaginary world surfaces. The precipitating set of circumstances could have stemmed from the fact that he was frustrated about not being able to come out with something unique in the mathematical arena, being a Math prodigy himself. His actions of arrogance and anxiety showed the extent of his stress and suffering. This problem had never occurred before but manifested itself when he could not accept his failure. He suffered a harrowing experience for many years to come to terms with himself and finally during the 1970’s he makes his foray into the world of academics by returning once again to teaching and research. Nash being a Mathematical genius had always aspired to create something original and unique that would be useful to society and the world at large. However, when his attempts failed to materialize, he withdrew himself from social circles and became a recluse in his own world. His obsession about making a significant contribution towards the subject of Math and the failure to achieve it had probably triggered his schizophrenia and led to his institutionalization. As a patient, he exhibited his anger and frustration through his actions because he was trapped in a helpless situation.