Black quarterbacks in the NFL

B. The four different queries are: 1. Black quarterbacks in the NFL 2. Black quarterbacks currently in the NFL 3. Black quarterbacks active in the NFL 4. Black quarterbacks playing in the NFL These queries should bring up different information but with the same focus on black quarterbacks. We will see the black quarterbacks that have entered and exited the NFL, as well as their history. C. The search engines that will be used are Yahoo, Google, Bing and Dogpile, which is a meta-search engine. These search engines were chosen because they are some of the most widely used engines and should produce good results. D. As can be seen from the results, not all results from the searches are relevant to the topic. Some of the results actually go off on a tangent into something completely unrelated. The table below shows which results were relevant. E. Table 1. The first column shows the first ten hits that were received. It also shows how many times the web page was referenced when using all 4 queries. As shown in the table, the BQB site received the most hits throughout the entire search. F. The next table shows how each of the sets are ranked according to the precision formula. Table 2 Chart 1 The meta-search engine (Dogpile) provided results pulled from all of the other engines. G. There were some pages that showed up more than once no matter which query we used. The results are below. Table 3 H. Google uses a page rank system which means that the various parts of the webpage are ranked according to relevance. This then determines which page shows up in what position on the results page. Dogpile (the meta-search engine) seems to use a feed method that pulls information from other search engines based on how popular they are. Bing and Yahoo seem to use the same type of method which can be considered to be a Boolean method (CCH Incorporated, 2011). It is noticed that Yahoo and Bing both provided results where some of the words were found and then in other cases only one word was found. Yahoo and Bing ranked their results according to how many words of the original search were found within the pages returned as results. I. One thing to notice about the results is that the meta-search engine (Dogpile) produced fewer relevant results when the search criteria were entered into the search box. This poses a question about what methods they actually use to retrieve information relevant to various searches. It was not determined that any of the search engines used the Boolean method. The only searchable information that was added was the exact phrase that was being researched and no other words such as AND, NOT, or IF were entered. J. The Kendall’s tau (t) coefficient (also known as the Kendall rank correlation coefficient) is a statistic used to measure how two measured quantities are associated. Set Theory involves a non-parametric hypothesis test that makes use of the coefficient to test for statistical dependence. The Kendall’s tau = \frac{(\text{number of concordant pairs}) – (\text{number of discordant pairs})}{\frac{1}{2} n (n-1) } K. Chart 2. Precision of 10 bar-chart L. The best search engine for this particular topic is Google. Google used a different method but their results were still relevant. We saw some of the same pages but overall Google provided something different for