Education Management Legal Errors Education management, legal errors As a principal there are various errors that Sam Warren commits in his line of work.
1. He commits as a principle is seen during the incident when he asks his secretary to call a local parochial school to inform them that they would not be able to use the school bus for a zoo trip because they are religious school. This bias isjust because the school is a religious one.
2. Principal Warren should not have waved form that Mr. Booth signed because school can still be liable for loose bus step. The legal reason is the principal still has standard of care responsibility for students on trip (Alexander amp. Alexander, 2005).
3. Principal Warren should have contacted the school district superintendent and attorney to warn them of this potential legal problem. The legal reason is the school district faces liability charges against it.
4. When Principal Warren meets with the superintendent he tell him that evaluation of all the teachers was already been done while this is particularly not true. He could have given the correct details to the superintendent.
5. Another thing that he does that can be termed as an error is when he substitutes the sick biology teacher with a parent. He does this without taking into consideration that there is need to be qualified and proper replacement process that is supposed to be followed (Sharma, 2009).
6. Principal Warren should have made sure that the school has a substitute biology teacher so that there can always be someone to step in for the biology teacher whenever they are absent.
7. The principal does not go through the proper procedure that is supposed to be taken in a case where a teacher is being subbed. He should have made sure that the sub’s credentials are checked and she is briefed on how far the class had gone through syllabus.
8. It is also not allowed to hire any teaching staff without the consultation of the Board of Governors. Principal Warren would have made sure that he did this before seeking a sub for the biology teacher.
9. He also communicates the matter of lack of salary increments in a faulty way and even the decision on salaries are not supposed to be decided entirely by a single individual in such a setting.
10. When he goes to evaluate one of the teachers he only stays for 20 minutes and then leaves never to come again. This period is far below the period that is recommended for the observation of teachers.
11. He approves a trip for a class to go to a factory without waiting for parents to sign the permission forms. The reason that he gives is that the same class had recently visited the zoo. However, these are two different trips and permissions should be sought for every trip.
12. A factory trip is far much risky than a zoo trip, therefore, as a principal he should have made sure that all the safety measures had been taken before approving the trip.
13. The other thing that he does is suspending a student over the allegations that he had punched the Board President’s daughter (International Conference on Education and Educational Technology amp. Wang, 2011).
14. Another thing that is wrong about the suspension is that Principal Warren does not do any digging into the details but suspends the student immediately.
15. Despite knowing that the students are supposed to be in class for the first lesson, he does nothing when he finds Bill Moore addressing a group of freshman Bible Discussion Group. The best thing would to dismiss them in order fro them to join the others in class.
16. Principal Warren writes to Moore to commend him of addressing the students at that time despite it not being the right time.
17. When Principal Warren is summoned by the board to a meeting he is questioned about the discipline levels of the school. He has the responsibility of maintaining the school’s discipline.
18. When faced with allegations of only observing one of the teachers for only 28 minutes. He would have avoided this by just staying fro the whole session.
19. He goes to the class and observes for an additional 2 minutes, then informs the teacher that he had now completed the required the 30 minute observation period (Welner amp. Chi, 2008). The problem here is that the additional 2 minutes do not make the session complete.
20. He also goes ahead and agrees with a local minister who calls and asks to give an innovation during at commencement without making any consultations with the relevant individuals in the institution.
21. When notices that Joe Smith is missing from the study hall he assumes that he had just left briefly instead of trying to find out exactly where he is.
22. When the father to the child who had been hit by a pencil threatened to take legal action for his negligence he could have contacted the school district superintendent and attorney to warn them of this potential legal problem.
23. Principal Warren does not carry any investigation on the incident that led to the injury of the student.
24. Another failure is seen when one of the teachers of the name Paul Friend had paddled one of the students after finding them smoking in the restroom. Despite the fact that paddling is against the school’s policies he does this because he had done it a number of times before and the principal had always come to his support. This is very wrong because the principal should always make sure that every punishment that is given to students in the institution is in accordance to the regulations and policies of the institution (Cizek, 1999).
25. Principal Warren does not take any legal action against Paul friend despite the fact that the teacher had breached education laws.
26. By the end of the week Principal Warren is not yet through with evaluating the teachers despite having told the superintendent that he was already through with the evaluations.
27. When he is told about the bleacher that is broken by one of the parents at the baseball stadium he does not take an immediate action like a true leader should. Instead, he chooses to sit elsewhere. The broken bleacher later causes an injury to ten people. He would have made sure that he gives orders for a public notice to be put on the broken bleacher warning people against using that bleacher. He could also make sure that the broken bleacher is attended to immediately.
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