Assignment – Echoes from the Roman Ghetto Instructions: You are required to answer the following questions. You should save your answers in a Word document for submission. Please do not repeat the questions on your answer sheet. Instead, please list the answers numerically/sequentially by simply utilizing 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each assignment must have a cover page listing your name, the name of the assignment, and the date. The cover page does not count towards the word count. For each assignment, you are expected to answer the assigned questions in your own words. Each assignment paper should be at least 250 words. Papers less than the required 250 words will get zero. This does not mean each question requires a 250-word response; rather, the total number of words for answering the questions must total more than 250 words. Assignment – Read the assigned article then answer the questions/prompts below. The author discusses his experience traveling to Rome where he retraces the steps of World War II and the Nazis invasion of the Jewish Ghetto, the portico d”Ottavia. Reading 1. Echoes From the Roman Ghetto – David Laskin July 14 2013 – NYTimes 1. Toward the end of the article, the author describes how gentrification of the town has lost its sense of history. What role do local officials have in preserving the historical significance of sights such as the Jewish Ghetto and the memorial at the Fosse Ardeatine? 2. Is there anything wrong with businesses taking advantage of the “tourist” climate despite the historical events that took place on the very site? Why or why not? Sample Reflection Paper Format/Outline The following outline should be used for your reflection paper. You are not required to use the titles (e.g., Brief Introduction, Body, etc.) but should use this general format when writing your paper. Cover Pageo Title of paper to include the following:Reflection Paper TitleStudent Name and IDCourse Title and Section Professor Name and TitleDue Date of Submission • Main Papero Brief Introduction § Introduce the topic to the reader and summarize your reflection of this topic/article. o Body§ Address the following prompts as prescribed in the assignment. Include 3-4 examples for each prompt o Conclusion § Conclude the reflection paper by summarizing your comments and main points to the reader. o References§ Include any references that were used in your reflection paper including the main authors. Use APA style. Plagiarism – Unless noted otherwise, assignments will be submitted through It is strongly encouraged that you provide citations for any source/reference that is used in your writing. provides both a “match” analysis and grammar analysis. Your “match” rating must be under 20% and ideally under 15%. Points will be deducted for high match ratings, including failure of the assignment.