Articles reviews

When submitting a statement any author must provide ample supporting evidence, in absence of this the information put forward by the author can be unauthentic or unrealistic.
The author of the article has conducted research to understand the force behind the cognitive skill and emotional behavior of man and animals. The author here is contemplating more on the animal psychology to investigate about the human cognitive function, which is not an ideal procedure. This is due to the fact that, all religious principles reinstate that animal and man has been created simultaneously. So the question of animal evolving in to human being does not have validity which makes the article partially defective. In the further part of the article, the author has discussed about the concept of evolutionary biology and points out about the poor researching done by scientists in this regard. This shows the author’s ability to gauge information and criticizes it in right manner and at right position.
The interesting part is that, the author has taken effort to introduce other disciplines like neurobiology and computer science into the article. The article clearly mentions the correlation between neurons and evolutionary cognitive system. This helps the readers to absorb more information about the way brain works in co –ordination with its natural environment. Here the author also makes it evident that invention of computer has opened up new avenue for the scientists, psychologists and researchers to investigate about the cognitive functioning of mankind .Even though the author exerts importance on the concept of cognition, he also contradicts about the mystery surrounding the functioning of brain in human beings. The article completely ignores the existence of spiritual or divine power which could be the real hand behind the creation of cosmic intelligence.
Here the author is attempting to study the functioning of brain by assuming