Apple Incorporation

However, under the leadership of Steve Jobs- its founder and CEO, Apple has now emerged as an organization with strong capability to continuously roll out new and innovative products which are readily acceptable by the market.
There are many products under offer by the Apple including Apple IPod, Apple Mac, Apple Mac Book, Apple IPhone and its most recent sensation Apple IPad- a tablet computer. Such diversified range of products therefore indicates that the overall competition of the firm is diverse in nature and it does not compete in just one market but against many players in different markets.
What makes Apple a success story is one of the most important questions of how a firm can turnaround itself with such success. This paper will briefly discuss the history of Apple and will introduce summarize the major products of Apple along with a brief discussion on how the firm has been able to achieve such enormous success.
Apple started its journey as Apple Computers on 1st April, 1976 with Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak as two of its owners and employees. What started on a very small scale turned out to be one of the leading ventures of the world? Steven Wozniak before partnering with Steve Jobs worked at HP and had an experience in designing computers whereas Steve Jobs experience was with Atari. It is important to note that Apple manufactured its first computer, Apple-1 in its initial year of operations however. it was not commercialized by the firm till 1977. Apple rolled out its first commercial product with the name of Apple-II during 1977 whereas next brand of computers i.e. Apple III was rolled out in 1980 and Apple was in position to hire other employees to assist the original founders in the management process.
What is also important to note that after the successful roll out of its initial brands of computers, Apple started to invest heavily into its research and development efforts. Ramp.D at Apple was the