Analysis between Life and Death in Shanghai and woman at point zero

It’s an autobiography of the author herself. It is a tale of woman who had been struggling for survival, dignity between the authoritarian of the Cultural Revolution. Her crime was just her class backdrop and a enthusiasm to life. She got arrested in the late 1966 after the The Red Guards looted her house. The book tells the story of Nien Cheng, when she got arrested all through the Cultural Revolution and was caught up in jail for more than six years. She was pressurized to accept the fake accuse that she was a spy for the imperialists. She refused to do so and lived a life in prison, full of misery and torture. Finally, she was released in 1973 and found out that her daughter, Meiping, who was going to school to become an actress was also murdered by The Red Guards, although, police told her that she has committed suicide.
Cheng found this by investigating herself, and thought that the whole situation which was told by the police was impossible. Later she got relocated towards a two bedrooms apartment with one of her relative. Till 1980, Cheng lived in China than she moved towards United States. (Cheng, Nein., 1987).
On the other hand, the book Women at Point Zero is written by Nawal El Saadawi. It is story which is based on the life of a woman namely, Firdaus. She is an ex-prostitute and was accused for the murder of a pimp. She refuses to talk to anyone in or out of the prison. However, Firdaus, agreed to talk with the author, who is a psychologist as well, on the tenth day of living in the prison. Gradually, she tells the author about the history of her life. In past, Firdaus life was full of abuse, abandonment, oppression, people taking advantage of her and people whom she met nearly rejected her from child to the adulthood. She was born in a farming society to an offensive father. Foremost important thing in the book is that Firdaus describes pleasure similar to pain and pain which is same like pleasure. After her parents