An Analysis Using the ECLSK dataset Researching correlations between Student Academic Achievement and Parental Involvement

For a student, there are many distractions since they are undergoing growth and need to practice different ways of making decisions. These distractions can range from the need to join clubs to intramurals or even soccer. In my opinion, these are social practices necessary in schools but pose a great challenge when it comes to choosing perfect study habits and concentration for learning and achievement of success. From many researches done in the previous years, it is evident that involvement of parents is incredibly beneficial to the success of children and adolescents in both academic and general life learning. With an active family involved, the entire programs involved in early childhood, middle, elementary and even high schools are greatly enhanced, and their outcomes are considered more effective.
Although most people relate this involvement with only academic success, the parent-child relation assists also in student attitude, sense of well being, grades, homework readiness, and educational aspirations. This relationship is essential to all students despite their level of study. Statistics have showed that a positive relationship between the parents and their children especially in high schools have caused a decline in the come to of school drop outs with variables like educational aspirations, school retention and homework being the indicators to motivation caused or expounded by parents.
This research paper is aimed at providing various types of parental involvement in the academic success of their children, but with regard to other factors. Some of the motivational aspects that are associated to parental involvement are autonomy, school engagement, self-regulation, motivation to read, intrinsic /extrinsic motivation and mastery goal orientation. Student academic achievement can be impacted greatly by parenting practices. Their positive participation in all school activities can be used to