American Past

To understand the American historical expansion, an extensive analyses and evaluation of the existing primary sources is significant. The essay analyses and evaluates two closely related primary sources of American past from Reading the American Past Volume 1 by Michael Johnson (a history of the United States of America and America revolution in South Carolina). The essay will as well elaborate in detail some of the main developments in American history. One primary source (A history of the United States of America) expounds on revolutionary incidences in the United States of America while the other sources (America Revolution in South Carolina) is focused on slave trade in america and its impacts to modern development.The two documents under study present a wide range of information on social, cultural, political, and economic development of America‚Äôs historical past. The American Past Volume 1 was authored by Michael Johnson. The main aim of the text, A History of the United States of America source was to incorporate ideas and experiences from different scholars in one volume. The source was also intended to provide a trustworthy basis for explaining contemporary developments in the United States of America. Michael has offered a decisive overview of the historical social, economic, and political challenges in the development of modern global superpower state that is the United States of America. … American History Volume one author has as well documented the American Revolution in South Carolina, a source that talks about slave trade and slavery. The source was anticipated to give details on the role of immigrants, native inhabitants and slaves to the modern flourishing economic prosperity in America. The source also clarifies on the historical American revolutions that were solely responsible for the modern American civilization. The sources expounds on the incidents that took place in the settlement and exploration of American states, especially in South Carolina. The author outlines the impact and contribution of the initial inhabitants in the development Carolina states. The sources also analyses how the modern unique Carolina states cultures was shaped by slave trade and immigrants. The first source A History of the United States of America was documented to help scholars, economists, politicians and historians appreciate and utilize the past incidents and experiences in coming up with productive and sensible decisions and policies. The source is also significant to modern learners and thinkers as it offers an insight on the necessities relevant in modern and future development. The second source America revolution in South Carolina has emerged as an incredibly relevant source of information to the United States of America learners. Lawmakers and legislatures have used the source to make laws and policies that will minimize gender and racial based discrimination. The first source has as well offered an intensive explanation on historical wars, violence and their impact on ancient economic development. The source has also explained views and perceptions of different