A small descriptive story

A Small Descriptive Story In all the Seven Wonders of the World, there stands one marvel of architectural beauty and grandeur that can literally be viewed from the moon! The Great Wall of China remains in the annals of past and present history as a grandiose marvel of man’s innovative capacity. The Great Wall, with an approximate length of 20,000 kilometres, stretches across mountains, deserts, plateaus and grasslands from eastern and western side of China (UNESCO). Its history spurns back to more than 200 years in time during the Qin dynasty of China’s First Emperor. In the quest to secure China’s territorial security from the Mongols, Emperor Qin Shu Huang led in the efforts of building the wall by uniting all leaders in the country. The Wall consists of fortifications and wall posts that are an amalgamation of heights, widths and construction materials. The defensive role of the Wall is evident through the crenulations that were used for surveying enemies and killing invaders by the soldiers. At certain points of the wall, visible reflections of China’s socio-cultural history are evident. A case in point is the Juyong pass that was constructed by a marble platform complete with sculptures of the four Heavenly deities. Furthermore, inscriptions of Buddhist incantations and 2000 sculptures are replicate on the wall. Despite, sections of the Great Wall giving way to wear and tear, much of it stands as a testament to China’s rich culture, military strength and architectural innovation.
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