A history of the United States since 1865

A history of the United s since 1865 A term coined by a journalist d John L. O’Sullivan in an article he published in 1845 manifest destiny was a reflection of an attitude prevalent during the 19th century. According to O’Sullivan, White settlers were predestined to occupy American land from coast to coast. This attitude fueled the displacement of Native Americans from their ancestral lands and escalated tension between Mexico and the US, which led to a war that resulted in many fatalities and destruction of property. The American exceptionalism theory alludes to the uniqueness of the US whereby its basic presumption is that the US is distinct from other nations. In light of this, political scientist Seymour Lipset referred to the US as the first new nation and further pin pointed the existence of a unique ideology, Americanism, which comprised of the following ideologies: republicanism, liberty, democracy, egalitarianism, laissez-faire, and individualism. Over the years, scholars remain conflicted about whether American exceptionalism implies the country’s superiority over other nations or simply highlights its uniqueness. American imperialism refers to the United States’ cultural, economic and military influence on other countries. In order to establish its dominance across the globe, US leaders have and continue to sanction missions, which interfere with internal affairs of other nations. for example, as shown in the documentary, the Spanish-American War, and intervening in China during the Boxer rebellion. The failure to consider other nations’ sovereignty and ability to govern themselves autonomously highlights the negative impact of American imperialism. Despite this, positive effects of American Imperialism exist. for example, the US has played a major role in the resolution of civil dilemmas in other nations. Work CitedTo Conquer or Redeem: Manifest Destiny. Dir. Lucasfilm. 2011. Film.