A Dialogue Over Marijuana And Its Characteristics

So I reached my classroom, drew a marijuana leaf, for class 11 students they thought in their current affairs class they would be discussing biology. However, they were soon proved wrong to their utter surprise.
I stood firm to the ground and raised the following question to the students:
Who here thinks that Marijuana should be legalized in Europe and the rest of the world?
Many of them did not know what I was talking about, so I explained the herb and its characteristics. As everyone else would have thought, they came to the conclusion that this was a drug and they better stay away from it. Which was the point basically. However, quite of a few of them wanted to know about it more and wanted to try it before making any judgements about it.
One kid asked the obvious question which was going to come up sooner or later.
Is it our right to smoke Marijuana?
Well, that question brought me back to the various arguments and confrontations I have had with people over the legal right to smoke Marijuana. …
I told my students that freedom always comes at a price. If you are willing to pay the price then you can go ahead and enjoy the freedom. However, it is pertinent to note that people in my class were reluctant to question the system as it stood there. Not many of them really thought that it was worth the spending time. I mean, why would anyone want to indulge in an illegal activity of smoking pot when one knows that he can be arrested for this? Not many were willing to take th steps and I don’t blame them. Introspection: The reason why I spoke about marijuana is very peculiar to what I think is the true value of freedom. In today’s world there are quite a few rebels out there. Not many peple aer ready to question he system and those who do have no understanding or aim to reach somewhere. Marijuana is long been known as a recreational drug. It is not really a drug, but a more recreational medicine which was used abundantly in medieval India. People in India like sadhus and saints used to smoke this leaf over and over again and derived great pleasure out of this. They were extremely intellectual and were always ahead of their times, not because they smoked pot, but because they were inherently like this and it catapulted them to smoking pot for recreational usage. The irony has become now that the USA whose ideology was founded by men who smoked pot ended up banning the same drug. They were not ready to allow its existence, mostly because at that time due to the external industrial forces smoking marijuana had already become an illegal and taboo thing to do. Reaction: As a teacher I am always on the lookout for students that have the knack to do something about their present in order to improve their future and utilize the best of every