A Career in Civil Engineering

English,Essay Topic:Assignment 9 – Resumes RESUME (Insert addresses, E-mail addresses and telephone contacts) CAREER OBJECTIVES To do my best with the aim of attaining best possible outcome for an organization. To carry out duties allocated to me keenly, proficiently and with care in any difficult working environment. To work with and around people who will assist me explore myself fully and realize my potential. To work with great asset and dedication to an organisation so as to attain the companies target. To make use of and expand my full potential with an opportunity for professional growth based on performance. To make the most of every opportunity those comes and make it an achievement. I intend to build a career with top environmental corporate with dedicated and committed people. To make sure I leave behind a positive impact in whichever company that I work in. KEY COMPETENCES Excellent communication skills both oral and written Good leadership, organisational and teamwork skills. High level of professionalism. Active listener – Willing to learn and listen Good interpretation of complex data (Trigonometry, Geometry). Flexible, and able to move around from place to place in duty. Good innovative thinking capabilities. Physical Stamina for Outdoor Work Actively creative with continual acquisition of new skills and knowledge. Elaborate mathematical and analytical skills Ability to deliver desired results within a located time or with the available resources. Good risk assessment and management skills Excellent skills in giving out advices. Excellent Information Technology skills PERSONAL INTEREST A well organized individual used to working under minimal supervision, communicates well both in writing and orally, enjoys working in a humanitarian environment, punctual ,reliable and willing to learn with good academic record and strong capacity for directorial growth, self motivated with an outgoing personality and determination to succeed. I believe my interests and skills offer a strong foundation for a good career in Civil Engineering. I like being the mediator in times of conflict between groups or individuals. I am a good problem solver. I seek the chance to combine my interest and creativity in Physics to create and construct. I am drawn by the prospect of being able to interpret and translate ideas that are abstract into physical reality, and of using science to understand solutions that are innovative. My interest in Civil Engineering came at a young age when I visited some tall buildings back within our country. I have keen interest in the awesome potential that Civil Engineering has in reshaping the environment, pushing the boundaries of physical possibilities, while on the other hand making a true impact by solving problems that are practical. I am interested in going deeper into civil engineering and get even Masters and PhD credentials. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Place of Internship if any (Insert) Extracurricular Activities Attending seminars and technological quiz competitions. Taking part in youth festivals. Attending Guest talks and slide shows. Project presentation. Participating in debates and essay competitions. Participating in talent shows. Watching and taking part in drama. Singing. Referees (Insert) Mr. 1………………. Place of work…….. Address and other contacts…………… Mrs. 2………………….. Place of work…….. Address and other contacts…………… Dr. 3……………………….. Place of work…….. Address and other contacts…………… Work cited 44 Resume Writing Tips. Daily Writing Tips. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Nov. 2012. . Sample Resume – Civil Engineer Resume. Enterprise IT Solutions and Services | Publishing, IT, Education, Energy, Insurance: Exforsys. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Nov. 2012. .